Oct 25, 2016

Half a decade ago, Jaipur added a new gem to its rich cultural crown. Jairangam, a theatre festival that since then has grown from a modest coming together of theatre aficionados to a national theatre festival that draws talented artists, playwrights and directors from across the globe.

In 2011, Jairangam was started with a vision to provide a world-class platform to theatre art forms, cutting across cultural, lingual and regional banners. Jairangam belongs as much as to the spirit of social conscious Nukkad Naatak as it does to the evolved nuances of modern Shakespearean adaptations.

Art forms are like living, breathing organisms that function together as an ecosystem and it is impossible to imagine one without another. At Jairangam 2016, photography and painting will be celebrated as much as theatre would be. Art strokes is an art camp that will be held through the six days where eminent artists will demonstrate their work live and young artists can come work together with them to widen their skillset. Khushbu-E-Rajasthan is an online photography contest for all the shutterbugs running in association with Jairangam that will end with an exhibition of the 100 most thought-stirring photographs. Jairangam is thus an event for more than just theatre aficionados, embodying a celebration of life and art, and what other place would be a better place to mark this celebration than the land of folk tales and kathputlis. Hope to see you there!