Saturday 18 August 2018
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Not Just a Play

Waiting backstage looking at the play progressing and waiting to get the cue where he’s supposed to enter. As he gets the cue he steps out in confidence displaying a whole new face that nobody has seen before, that nobody knows, as if he were wearing a mask of somebody else walking everyone around through the experience and characteristics of this new self as the play progresses. He forgets his real self, what he’s like and steps into a different character each time he steps on the stage to perform in front of an audience. As if he’s always been this guy that they are witnessing the very moment. He moves with such ease, says things at such ease, and makes us believe that he’s not somebody else playing a role, but the man is for real and not just a character. He tells a story so comfortably on a stage as if it were his own and he moves around like he’s just moving around in his home and he’s lived here forever.


He invites everyone, everyone who is staring with all their heart and soul, he invites them all to come with him and take a peek in a part of his small little world and travel time and places while sitting at one spot. Feel the deepest, unsaid feelings, he evokes turmoil in each heart with every changing action to discover something new altogether.

For the audience, it is like getting to know a new person, his relationships, lifestyle, his small little world and becoming a part of it while leaving everything else behind. Getting lost in the story and curiously following it, like walking on an empty footpath, to where it leads.


Theatre is not just about the play you go to watch for two hours, it is about the impact, impression and the footprint it leaves in your heart when you have watched it, and that excitement which keeps you wanting more. It isn’t just storytelling, but time travel and a journey which you take on without knowing the destination. An actor doesn’t just act, but leaves a part of his soul with everyone who watches him conquer the stage.

About Blogger : Abhilasha Sharma an Architect, fresh graduate from Aayojan, freshly started writing, thinker, interested in all sorts of arts, culture, history, philosophy and psychology.


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