Saturday 18 August 2018
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New city based artists

Fearlessly experimental, highly imaginative and very contemporary – that’s how we would describe Jairangam with its idea of showcasing new city based talents.

The Jaipur  Theatre Festival promises to be an extravagant affair that is both diverse in the subject matter of featured productions as well as in presentation styles. Young theatre artists from the city will deal with contemporary issues facing our collective societies. Don’t expect to see a static stage. From 21st November to 27th November catch some of the most interesting plays in theatre from our own artists. Jairangam is an annual event and has proved to be quite successful over the past years. One can expect plenty of high quality performances from the homegrown work.

It will be quirky, unique and entertaining to undiscover the emerging playwrights. Jairangam will showcase plays with unique and innovative theatrical ideas and is committed to spreading theatre culture amongst all gens.

Plays to watch out:

Pranab Mukherjee’s ” Hamlet In and Hamlet Out ” that peep’s into director’s mind scape. Who is hamlet? A man lost in life…a waylaid person…a women coming to terms with her domestic and public person. A person grappling with what the cloud terrors around us…is hamlet another word for death or dream?
Saurabh shrivastava’s  ” Bechari Amrita ” revolves around a writer who invites a tantric to conduct a seance. The seance back fires when he is haunted by the ghost of his first wife and second wife is not able to see or hear the ghost.

Jairangam is designed to present unique opportunity for artists and audience alike  , revisiting classic plays with innovative productions, developing and nurturing new plays and offering a range rich in array.

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