Saturday 18 August 2018
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Gateway to drama & Art

Gateway to drama and art is wide open once again with impending theatre festival “JAIRANGAM”, for the genre of pink city, Jaipur starting 21st of November 2016. Untiring efforts by team Jairangam showcasing plethora of live dramatical action for successive year. Every human has a corner for Art and Films and their hunger gets satiated with such openings of art and culture. Though medium of television has gone a length in this country showcasing visual delight, still display of plays and dramas live brings refreshment and recreation to the humdrum of routine life. Life is very demanding and in the process of incessant demands, it calls for festivals that scale abundant joy ? within that We derive from such conglomerations.


Festivals are around the corner so is the festival of drama and culture. We pledge to relish dynamics of drama culture soon entering our city with gaiety and galore.


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